Muscle Car and
Classic Vehicle Restorations

Classic And Muscle Car Restorations

Baby boomers who drove the original muscle cars helped make them popular in the last 20-30 years. And now, new enthusiasts are once again taking over the wheel of these cars, appreciating their style, sound, and power.

Regardless of why you love these cars, RJ CARS stands with you and has what you need to make yours a living, drivable dream.

RJ CARS offers the full range of classic and vintage car and truck restoration to driver, street show, show, and Concours levels. Our services include a rotisserie restoration of your car to stripping and a full paint job. Or maybe you'd rather leave locating and installing specific MOPAR parts to the experts.

We excel at helping people with their classic car and truck restoration whether it's a Dodge restoration, a Dodge truck restoration, or a Mopar restoration. Whether your passion involves finding and restoring a classic car or simply cleaning up and repainting your present car, RJ CARS can help.

  • Cars we've restored are being shown and driven nationally and internationally with pride and enjoyment by dozens of our customers.
  • Client testimonials and articles in our newsletters tell their stories.
  • Our project photos show you the care, expertise, and attention to detail we give to every vehicle that comes into our shop, for whatever reason. 
  • Our FAQs page will give you a general idea of our restoration process. 

We have extensive experience that includes the repair or partial or complete restoration of hundreds of cars. The links below take you to the projects in our separate Photo Gallery site. Just click the "back" button in your browser to return here.

NOTE: We're in the process of updating our image galleries with a new gallery program and will be adding links to the galleries below.

Restored Vehicles

Instrument Spec
MAC Tools
Mopar CG
Motorhead Digital
Nova Verta
Ryan Agencies
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